Monday, February 10, 2014

Perfectly acceptable reasons to cry according to my tiny tot:

1. Because I wouldn't let him bite my finger.

2. Because his alphabet cards wouldn't fit in the box his crayons go in.

3. Because his crayon box ripped.

4. Because he was wet and I wanted to change him.

Maybe tomorrow I will come up with my own set of reasons to cry!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

My life was just where I wanted. We were pretty much running on auto pilot.  My only child was old enough to clean his own room, help with the pets, even make his own lunch. I could take a shower without being missed, eat a snack without a book even! 

                                Enter baby #2

After saying goodbye to diapers, bottles and midnight feedings long ago, we decided to do it all over again. When we told others, most giggled and asked if we were crazy.  A year into it now I can honestly answer that.  Yes. Yes we are crazy!  My days are filled with sixth grade homework help, dirty diapers, crying for no reason, sass , laughter and most of all...Caffeine and Chaos!